Platform Features

  1. Buy fractional real estate

    Fractionalization enables broader participation and diversification into previously unattainable areas of the market.

  2. Sell your own real estate

    List your property and connect with buyers instantly with our integrated AI software analytics and enjoy a secure and hassle-free experience.

  3. Partner with Developers

    Invest in real estate by buying off the plan NFTs and get in on the ground floor.

  4. Pension, Retirement, Superannuation funds

    A pipeline for funds under management will be created in our ecosystem to create ease of management and true diversification.

  5. Growth Fund

    Invest in our fractionalization fund tailored towards capital growth style properties.

  6. Income Fund

    The income fund will include high yielding properties to generate passive income.

  7. Capital city NFTs

    Will be structured with a blend of growth and income focusing on inner city suburbs which have undersupply issues.